• Ike Ukazu

Words Like Art: Atlas Shrugged

I've waited way too long to start reading this book. And by the way, I just realized this is the first entry of 2022 so here we go.

So far this book has surpassed my expectations. I have not read a book with such vivid imagery in my life. I fell in love with Ayn rand's writing when I read The Anthem as a teenager.

This is not a book for teenagers. This book spans over a thousand pages. This may be the longest book I've read. The second longest book would be Nelson Mandela's book

I can't remember the title.

I'm going to post this on my Instagram next week but this is just a sneak peek of the kinds of artistic quotes that Mrs. Rand put into this work of art.

.... Thanks for this, Mrs. Rand. Now I'm going to write my butt off



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