• Ike Ukazu

When Something Speaks To You: Braving the Wilderness

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Freaking Brene Brown. This woman has a gift. What is it about Brene Brown resonates with me so much? I started reading Braving The Wilderness by Brene Brown today via audible and immediately remembered why I enjoyed her work so much. As I tried to finish my last audiobook by Jim Rohn I felt my soul calling out for something to really connect with. I didn't want to be preached at with another audiobook. Trust me. I love Jim Rohn but I don't feel connected to his work the way I do whenever I hear or read Brene Brown. There are certain speakers that I can listen to wear it feels like they are speaking from their heart and from their soul.

It doesn't feel like they're trying to sell me something or trying to make themselves look good. The theme of the book is to have the courage to find yourself by going alone and seeing what feels right to you deep in your core and your spirit. It's about finding your courage to feel like you belong to yourself rather than feeling a need to belong to an entire group. In actuality, we can never truly belong to everyone. We are met to be different. We are meant to stand out. We are meant to be idiosyncratic. We are meant to be weird. The phrase Braving The Wilderness conjures up images of a person venturing into the woods with limited resources because it's the way that they have to go. This is how I've been feeling lately. With some of the dreams and aspirations and projects that I have in my mind, I would have to build my own table and go My Own Way. And I have to do it for Myself.

I've always felt like I see things differently. I've always felt that I have questions that not many people think about (at least not in my network). Eleanor Roosevelt was quoted as saying "the future belongs to the people who believe in the beauty of their dreams." I guess that I'm just a person that believes that we can do better as a community. I'm a person that believes that there have to be more safe spaces to ask all the questions that we need to ask. I'm a person that believes that we can be more connected than we are today rather than being divided by our ideologies. This includes our churches. This includes our social groups. I'm a person that believes that the education system is deeply flawed. I'm a person that sees these flaws. But in order to fix them, as the great Michael Jackson said, you have to start with the man in the mirror. So here I am. In the wilderness. Developing ideas. Praying. Reading. Healing myself from past trauma. Dealing with my own BS. And to be honest? It is as frightening as it is exhilarating. 😲 Lol let's go

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