• Ike Ukazu

What Writing a Book Feels Like

I've had a lot of fun in different ways this year. I have hung out with a lot of my friends that I didn't get to see in 2020. I've also made a lot of new friends. I've learned about myself. And I have dated. A LOT. Yet nothing feels like this. Whenever you create something like art or what I've done with this website are some of the poetry written this year, there's something that happens within you. Whenever I am in my creative headspace I feel at peace. I feel like I can go wherever I want to go. It has to feel right with you. I love this process though. I've had amazing conversations with amazing people to learn about what love means and to learn about what it should look like and what it shouldn't look like. I have to write about the challenges though as well because there are times where I don't feel necessary inspired to write. I feel like that's a part of the process though. Just like life, everything comes and goes. I just have to stay along for the ride. The most fun part about writing is that I'm discovering what interests me and I'm learning about myself. That's the best part. If anyone is reading this whether be in a new future are in the far-off future, tell me what constitutes a great love story for you? What's an example of when and why did it captivate you so much?

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