• Ike Ukazu

To What End

"We live in a culture in which everyone wants to be heard, but many people have nothing to say. Don't worry about building a platform. If you listen to God, people will listen to you."

In the age of social media, our senses are constantly bombarded by others who vy for our attention. You've seen it. The incessant number of reels and videos of influencers who dropped the latest inspirational video part of the latest tick tock dance where one has a little bit too much of their body showing to get you to watch just a little bit more. Thirst traps galore. Thirst traps everywhere.

To what end?

It doesn't matter if a person can garnish a million followers, or million likes, the end result is the same. More. Our heart's cry out for more. More of what?

I believe our hearts cry out for more appreciation of who we are. We need to be really careful how we go about getting that appreciation. Does self love and appreciation mean to reveal every part of our bodies and everything that we're thinking in order to have the validation that we're so desperately seeking? We need to be careful.

In a sea of superficiality and vanity, wisdom cries out. Substance cries out. Value cries out. Deep and intrinsic value. Refreshing value.

How do we find this value? How do we truly know our worth? I propose this. We look up. We look inwards. And then, we look outwards. We look upwards towards God for meaning and substance. We look inwards to examine the intents of our hearts. And then we look outwards to be of service to others.

What is the alternative to this approach? You can find satisfaction and other methods. You can find followers and network endlessly. You can make another video and you can show your workout results in order to get the attention of that person you've been trying to get the attention of.

I think something in our hearts knows when we are chasing. We can feel it. It feels off balance. It doesn't feel pure. It doesn't feel right.

I want to be very careful what I put out there and why I put it out there. It can be very tempting to go along with the flow and do a post just to do another post car connect with the member of the opposite sex cuz you know that she might find you attractive.

Just as I am tempted and those ways, I am pulled towards pure motives to only say what I feel deeply has been put on my spirit to say. I only want to speak from that place. I only want to speak for my heart and just speak authentically. Let me speak from that place.

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