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The Search for Wisdom: My Findings So Far

Updated: Nov 27, 2021

For wisdom is far more valuable than rubies. Nothing you desire can compare with it.

Proverbs 8:11 NLT

According to King Solomon of the Bible, wisdom has more value than wealth itself. Entire studies and academic practices have been built upon the attainment of wisdom through the practice of philosophy. While achieving wisdom can present a challenge, those who have achieved it have left behind footprints along their path. Their teachings and philosophies instruct how wisdom can be achieved through a

deep understanding, a mindfully connected network, and a continual search for truth.

The exact definition of wisdom can be quite elusive. It can be elusive as defining exactly what love or beauty is. The essence of words like those is difficult to articulate but very easy to detect when they present themselves in reality. The ideal of a wise man conjures imagery of a man advanced in his years radiating an awareness of the world along with a calm demeanor. There is an Elegance to his words and a grace to his movement. He possesses a deep understanding of not only how things work but why they work. And it is all of this understanding that is so invaluable to those around him. The image of a wise woman conjures up images of a woman also advanced in their years. She carefully and articulately advises those who seek sagely wisdom from her. She also possesses an understanding that is extremely valuable to those around her.

If we follow these ideas for an understanding of what wisdom is, then we can see the meaning when someone attributes wisdom to astute

individuals with wisdom beyond their years. Therefore, wisdom is something that comes with time and deeply understood experience. I want to emphasize the deeply understood experience aspect of wisdom here. What I mean is that if a person advances throughout their years, it doesn't necessarily mean that they have earned wisdom. The wisdom comes from a deep understanding of a certain truth almost to the point where it permeates one's being. Without that deep understanding, we can objectively see that there are many people advanced in their years that wouldn't all be ascribed the quality of wisdom.

One school of philosophy that has risen to popularity in recent years has been stoicism.

A key aspect of wisdom is deep understanding. According to wikihow.com, 'Anyone who is interested in trying new things and reflecting on the process has the ability to gain wisdom.'(https://www.wikihow.com/Gain-Wisdom). The reflective process that goes into acquiring wisdom requires that an individual examine a certain experience or concept so

thoroughly that they see a vast amount of the objective truth within the concept or experience. Examined experience is a key component to the acquisition of wisdom. The application here is that one should periodically set aside time to examine their own experience and learn as much as they can from the experience for further application.

I come from a Christian background. Inside the Christian belief system, a very popular book of the Bible called Proverbs stands as one of the hallmarks of wisdom Christianity offers to the world. I am a professing Christian, but I don't shy away from questioning concepts from my faith in order to fully understand it and also to avoid a dogmatic stance. I also believe by understanding certain aspects of my faith can allow me to relate to other people and have a genuine conversation with them about objective and absolute truth. Case in point. One of the keystone verses from the book of Proverbs is Proverbs 9:10, which reads that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. For anyone who wants to provide evidence for this, please let me know. My personal conviction stems from the observation of how many genuinely wise people exist in this world outside of the Christian faith compared to the number of god-fearing Christians that have as great of an understanding.

Let's go back to defining what wisdom is and what it isn't. Wisdom is not necessarily being smart. A person can possess a high level of intellect and still not be wise.

With true wisdom comes internal peace. A harmony that connects oneself with the world around them. It could be that internal peace is a prerequisite for wisdom. The understanding that we spoke of earlier in the search for wisdom is essentially the action of one making peace with their experiences. It is making peace with Existence itself. That can be an enormous task to undertake considering existence isn't exactly peace.

I have come to the conclusion that making peace with what exists is more of an internal process than anything else. This is the examined experience that I spoke of earlier. It takes time to examine Experience because Experience exists infinitely outside of oneself. But armed with Truth that binds all things together, one can begin to notice similarities within a multitude of occurrences and offer the observational truth the adds value to whoever receives it.

No one person can possess all that is wise but there is a certain amount of wisdom that one could obtain before they are considered wise. The means to wisdom can't be listed as a step-by-step process but it can be sought after by following in the footsteps of those who have achieved it. And more than just an acquisition of facts, the acquisition of wisdom is a continual pursuit of the truth. It is this truth that is immeasurably valuable to anyone that can obtain it., Don't stop until you find it. You'll know it when you see it.

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