• Ike Ukazu

MLK Day Reflections: What Are We Supposed To Do Today Again?

Sometimes it's hard to actually reflect on a holiday. There are so many people that we can connect with, chores that we can catch up on, hours that we can catch more zzz's and more. To be honest, it's so much easier to do that than to recollect some of the negative experiences that we've had in this country regarding racial Injustice. It's not the most fun thing to listen to a Martin Luther King Day speech today but if this is his day, and we all get the day off, I think a great question to ask is 'how can we best utilize it?' What are we really supposed to be doing with our day off? Should this even be a celebration? What I can say for certain is that we have some issues to still work on as a community. I don't think the dream has been realized yet. It's hard to recall the grief we collectively experienced with George Floyd and other members of the Black Community that we were victimized in 2020. There was so much anger in those times. Truth be told, it's mentally exhausting to stay in that state for long.

I remember going to marches and wondering to myself, are we really going to have lasting change or are we just blowing off steam so we can cope with the fact that this world can be cold and indifferent? My thoughts tended to lean towards the latter. For us to have lasting change, we have to change. It's so funny how quickly we can slip into old habits after a traumatic event has transpired. The truth? It's going to take hard work to change this country. We are not there yet. We ALL have to keep going and growing. My best friend said I need to start with myself. I want to be a part of the catalyst for change but that is a big burden to carry. For right now, I guess I'm developing the strength to do that. For right now, I guess I'm serving in whatever capacity I can in the achievement of The Dream. I spoke with a woman at the mall today and asked her what we could do to make a change. She said, "all I know how to do is pray, son." (Okay, she didn't say son but wouldn't it be cool if she did? Either way, that resonated with me. This is where I think we should start. Even then, we can't forget to do our part. God only helps those who help themselves.

We haven't reached the Promised Land. Perhaps we've encroached on its borders in the 54 years since those words were spoken, but we're not there yet. I believe there is so much more for all of us. My hope and prayer are that that hope will inspire us to reach it. RIP King 👑

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