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Lessons from the Biebs

Updated: May 19

Okay, this is probably one of the most random articles in existence but hear me out here. It's going to be worth it.

If you are a millennial or a member of Generation Z, you have most likely witnessed the ridiculous highs as well as the abysmal lows of Sir Justin Bieber's career. Our generation has literally seen this kid go through everything from puberty to marriage to facing the suffocating realities of fame and the beauty of making music. By the way, if you're a part of Generation Z and you're reading this, I find your generation's slang hilarious. Keep it up, kids.

Anyways, we have seen The Biebs go through everything (By the way, I guess we can't call him 'The Biebs' anymore, huh?). The social experiment that is his life can provide some interesting insights about life in general. Today, we'll go over a few observations I have been able to gather. Let us also note that this article could actually be about many celebrities but I chose The Biebs because he seems very relevant today.

Money doesn't buy happiness and success doesn't guarantee it either.

This is a hard one. I mean who doesn't want more money? And who doesn't want to be successful? The last time I checked, money's pretty cool. Money can help you do things that you want to do. Money can get you to get some pretty dope things that you want. The last time I checked, success is freaking amazing. Accomplishing something you want to accomplish can be one of the biggest highs you could ever experience.

All of that success and money doesn't necessarily equate to happiness. It comes with a price. The astronomical success of someone like Bieber comes with a suffocating amount of fame and attention. We have seen this numerous times. From the aggravating Paparazzi to the lack of privacy of having your dong shown to the world to incessant temptations and fallouts of drug use, we can observe that money and success can afford you many things you want. However, having all those things that you want can lead you to many things you don't. It can be similar to giving a kid all the candy and toys they want and expecting them to be okay. Would that kid be happy with their toys and candy? At first, yes. But then you've created a monster!

Feeding into the neediness of our human nature can easily turn into letting others witness the greediness of our human nature. The avaricious appetite of our desires can take over and turn us into monsters. For reference, take look at some of those 2012 interrogations. He was something else, wasn't he?

I believe that the 2012 Believe era was a huge crossroad for Bieber. He had two choices. He could have either kept going down the path of egotism or he could have taken a break and grew from the mistakes of the allegations. Choosing the latter has benefited him.

Failure is not final

Thank God that era didn't last forever. If you notice around the Journals era into the Purpose era (by the way, I love my deeply scientific vernacular here), there seems to be a deep transition. I think that that transition took place from the introspective modality of journaling in Journal to discovering his sense of purpose Purpose.

2015 Bieber came back strong as hell. I felt like he discovered himself in that time but had to distance himself from the things that let him down a dark path.

This is an important note because this indicates that failure is not final. At any moment in time, we can always reflect on our decisions and find out why we made those decisions in order to make better ones.

For this type of introspection to take place, we have to take a break away from the spotlight or in the case of the ordinary person, take a break from the masses or the status quo to really look inward. We have to ask ourselves tough questions. We have to sit with our decisions and accept where we are. We have to almost cocoon ourselves.

It is a process. Yet, in this process when we find out what really matters to us, we can reemerge more confident in ourselves and more sure of our purpose than we ever were.

Don't be afraid to recreate yourself.

This next point is going to be similar to the previous point. With any chance of failure or any chance of succeeding, there's an option to continue as is or to restructure what has major success. It takes a risk to really do that.

When he came back in 2015 from the 2012 Fiasco's he reemerged as a young adult pop star rather than a teenage heartthrob. There was a completely different sound that came along with the hair of course. As I said, 2015 Bieber came back strong as hell even though he was completely different.

The point to pull from here is to not be afraid to reinvent yourself. If you want to go a different direction, go. Try it. The only thing that is constant is change and we must take the opportunities to move along with the tides of Time while hopefully remaining faithful to our core values along the way.

It is also very significant to note that changing along with the masses can become detrimental when how to keep up with their whimsical and ever-changing tastes. For example, we saw how Rock in the 2000s decade transformed into the popular indie rock of the 2010s. We all saw how the tougher rap of the 2000s decade gave way to the more introspective rap of the 2010s decade.

You have to learn how to balance constant change with being constant to who you are. I would say to take a chance to listen to what's going on inside the world and see how your strengths can play to match the needs of your current environment.

The longevity of this guy's career is insane. The fact that he could be in this industry for this long and still happen to be relevant is impressive. He has had to change to keep up. Somehow, with all that change, he still feels relatable. You can still see him do seemingly normal interviews and talk to people and even if I church services sometimes. Knocking on wood, the pressures of fame and a celebrity haven't unrecognizably warped his mind.

Mental Health is Important

Speaking of celebrities and dealing with pressures, we have seen how these pressures can take a toll on the mental health of celebrities. To name a few, we can think of Hailey Williams, Mariah Carey, Kanye West, and

Being insulated in a bubble away from non-celebrities can be dangerous AND bad (yes, those were two album references as a well as a reference to Michael Jackson's pet monkey🐵)


You can start to enter echo chambers of your own beliefs and issues. Those echo chambers can produce quite erratic behaviors i.e. creating an amusement park as an adult man for you to relive your childhood with other actual children, having enough plastic surgery rendering you unrecognizable to who you were a decade prior.

With Bieber, we have seen some of those mental health woes break him down. He was no longer the bright-eyed, cocky, and optimistic teenager he was in 2010 and 2011. In 2018, you could literally see depression looming over him. In some interviews, he actually looked shy being on camera.

What happened? Life happened. If you don't have a system to deal with life it can break you down to your knees and leave you there permanently if you let it. Your entire personality can change for the worse!

Thankfully, it looks like he's got some help recently and even found Jesus! Who would've thought?

You need Jesus

My nonbelievers, just go to the next section lol.

Welp, you've seen it. That boy Bieber done found himself some Jesus! You've probably seen him perform with Judah Smith's Churchome and some of the Christian music's greatest artists including Chandler Moore and Kanye West. Haha, Kanye got two shoutouts in this post!

The big question is why? What led Justin Bieber, the boy who had it all, to Jesus?

My idea, if you ask me (nonbelievers, if you're reading this, I told you to go somewhere shooo), is that we need salvation.

It doesn't matter how much success we have. It will never satisfy. There will always be something wrong. I believe it's the condition of having a soul that is searching for peace. Our souls need peace and there's no amount of money or romance or things that can assuage it.

Okay, so I admit that jumping from our souls needing help to that help being Jesus may be a bit of a stretch but at least we can admit that there's something inside of all of us that cries out for more. I believe that something innate within all humans begs for connection to a Higher Power.

Bieber found that something. There is so much Discovery to be done here but we have to acknowledge that part of ourselves in order to acknowledge who we are.


This was a really fun piece to write. Non-believers, welcome back. How was your break, guys?

Which point really resonated with you? I love to hear. See you in my next article!

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