• Ike Ukazu

Faith Journey - Episode 1

Now we are never alone Your blood it makes us strong Now there is power to move on Never, we are never Never alone Your blood it makes us strong Now there is power to move on Never, we are never alone I was driving today, heard the lyrics of this song, and had tears rush to my eyes. Something in my spirit needed to hear it. It's by Kirk Franklin. The Moment #2. Or maybe it was #1. Whatever it was, go listen to it. This is something that has happened multiple times in my life listening to Kirk's music. Kirk makes music for all types of moods for people who are going to the hills and valleys of life ( Tauren Wells reference). There's something about feeling like there's Someone up there that's actually looking out for you that is also comforting. There have been times in my life where I have doubted the existence of that Someone or even the existence of His care for me. But then I'll get a sign. Maybe I'm looking for one but I know that I find what I'm looking for. It could someone that says exactly what I need, or that I notice the juxtaposition of unfathomable inexpressible beauty with the depressing madness of the world. Or sometimes it could just be that feeling deep in my gut that everything's going to be alright. That all of this has got to be happening for something for all of us. My faith journey is not perfect. I have probably doubted Christianity and Jesus more times than I care to tell any of my Christian friends. I'm laughing right now at the prospect of when one of them finally reads this and confronts me about it. But I need this. I need to believe in something. And I do. But sometimes I don't. Whatever. I love this journey that I am on. I have run away from the faith many times. When I run away like The prodigal son, it feels like He's calling me home. Home feels good. Home feels like the color rushes back to the world. If religion is the opiate for the masses, then sign me up for my next dose.

I would love to hear your thoughts about this for anyone who's out there reading this. No judgment. Just dialogue

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