• Ike Ukazu

Don't Stop This Train: The Steps Taken in April

At the beginning of April, I decided to take an oath to myself to not serve in any organization and not to date for at minimum 2 months. Why? Why did I do this? What I'm discovering during this period is the dormant potential that has always been hidden within me. For example... Did you know I could sing? Lol, well evidently I can. I've actually been leading worship in my men's group for the last month. And the crazy thing is? It's starting to sound pretty good. I'm also taking this time to work on myself and to shore up my weaknesses. Here comes the transparency moment. But when have I ever been less than transparent through this platform. There's actually more that I want to share with you soon including Marine stories and probably even dating stories too. But I digress... What I've been working on during these couple of months is my attitude. I noticed that I'm always been quick to point out the shortcomings of organizations and teams I've been involved in. I've cried about things that could be better and wondering why we weren't moving towards something better. Wow, my viewpoints haven't changed. I do believe there's a lot of potential that is being untapped and a lot of our organizations, I've decided to take responsibility for my actions and for my contributions to the lack of progress. For instance, I can talk about the litany of arguments that I've been involved with in leadership settings but during those times where were my abilities to remain composed and to display conflict management skills. I could speak for days about others inability to listen to reason and to seek efficiency but one of my abilities to speak persuasively and inspirationally. My abilities were there but if I have to be honest, they were not as strong as they could be. Life won't become better until you do - Jim Rohn I'm in the Cocoon right now. I'm learning Spanish right now. I don't want to have another conversation with a client or I'm searching for words instead of being able to help them in the language that they're most comfortable in speaking. This is exciting. I'm noticing changes in my psyche especially as I delve deeper into my faith. Last year, I had a horrible experience with a church group and I then decided that church groups couldn't be something that I was involved with. But now, I'm a part of the best men's church group that I've ever been a part of. I didn't know this was possible. I'm noticing changes in myself and the people closest to me are noticing as well. I don't want to get off this train. It's like the world is turning into color as my purpose comes to life. There's a time yesterday where I was driving and it felt like I was seeing the cars for the first time ever. I felt like a child. I felt like it was a whole new world. And there was a joy along with the experience. Reading. Learning about God. Growing. Falling. Failing. And getting back up again. Learning to Fly. RIP Taylor Hawkins PS. I am so excited for May. They best way you can help me is pray I stay lockstep in His will. I want to be in that place. I want to stay in that place. Forever. Don't stop this train.

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