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Chinwe and Obi Story Preview

Updated: Feb 10

Cancun was paradise. Chinwe was finally here. For two entire weeks, she didn't have to hear from her all-too-social coworkers about their stupid entitled little children. Office drama rose to an intolerable peak and it was time to get away. For two whole weeks, she could spend time with her best friend Ada. That way, she didn't have to think about her singleness, all the other drama in her life.

She could already feel the stress from her job melting away and the sun caressed her skin as she as her bestie relaxed on the lounge chairs. I wonder if I'll meet any cute guys here, she thought to herself. The sole purpose was to spend time with Ada and relax but she was open to possibilities.

"Chinwe, I know we supposed to be spending time together but if any cute guys show up, let's just say I'm not making any promises. I'm outie," Ada said. She swore that girl could always read her mind.

"Ada, I was just thinking the same thing. I don't want to date anyone but I want to but I don't want to...know what I mean?" Chinwe replied. "Ugh...men are dumb but they can be cute sometimes." It was quite the predicament. You think you want to date but don't want to go through the cycle of meeting people that will utterly piss you off. And now she was pissed off again just thinking about it. Dammit, she thought. "Ada, let's go inside already," Chinwe asked exasperatedly.

"Naw, let's stay out here for just a little bit longer," Ada replied. Chinwe took a deep breath and let her frustrations go. Ada had a point. It wasn't about meeting anyone but the point was to present and be open to the possibilities.

Here they were, two beautiful single Igbo girls lounging here in Mexico. Her dark, shimmering skin, slender figure, and piercing eyes always attracted attention. She glanced over. Yep, Ada was truly the IG queen. Light skin complexion, the face of an African queen, and a slim thick body to die for.

Chinwe knew Ada could have easily been a model if she wanted to but that was not Ada's MO. She had definitely had the follower count to prove it. Chinwe also knew what kind of men were in Ada's DMs:



{insert picture of an unwanted body part with fat rolls plenty}


It was always those men. Both Ada and Chinwe wanted a deeper connection with a man who was forthcoming with his intentions.

Something more meaningful. You know, like, not with a scrub. You know, the ones that can't get any love from you because they hang out on the side of their best friend's ride. And they try to holler at you. To no avail. She and Ada wanted no parts.

"CHINWE! Come here!" Ada exclaimed. Jeez! Ada almost made her spill her drink. Chinwe looked over to see what was wrong. Ada was looking at her smartphone tapping repeatedly as if she was surprised by what she saw, mouth agape.

"Chinwe, did you know that Obi was coming to Cancun too?" Ada asked, excitedly.

"What? No way! I haven't seen him since our chapter's convention back in July! Why is he here? Wait, what do I do? Do I DM him?" Chinwe replied.

"Girl... chill...breathe.

Again, Chinwe took a breath. This guy was not a scrub. He was different. So many of the guys in her social circle were obsessed with how they looked, banging girls and putting everything (every little freaking thing) on the Gram.

Obi carried himself differently. He walked with quiet confidence as if it was his destiny to save the world. Obi was actually about something. Suddenly, nostalgia rushed over her. She remembered when they used to be such good friends and would talk about the world they wanted to change. She remembered all of their schemes to create organizations about unifying their age cohort towards higher levels of consciousness. But then life happened and relationships happened and things fell apart. It was all his fault. He never went with his gut. He thought so logically that he forgot about trusting his own intuition. Too smart for his own good.

She just wished she could get them back together again.


Obi just finished posting one of his few Instagram story posts about getting to Cancun here at the airport while he and his best friend waited for their bags. He didn't feel like being on his phone the entire time he was here. It was time to take a break from social media. It was time to take a break from life in general.

He didn't like all that stuff anyway. Obi liked being the man that got people together for a purpose. If there was a community rally or a volunteer event in DFW, you could bet that Obi was involved.

The high he felt whenever he would speak and the crowd reflected his energy was intoxicating. He just wished it didn't take so much damn energy. It was exhausting to constantly pour his energy into the community and bring about progress. It wasn't sustainable. He missed his right-hand woman Chinwe. She always made things easier, planning things out and taking care of all the minutiae. Last year, they were inseparable when they served on the E-Board. Now things got too complicated. Things tend to get complicated when feelings get involved. He should have never let it get this far. Regret was eating him alive. He wanted to fix that so badly. Hopefully he would have his chance soon.

"Ugonna, we here, bro. What you wanna do first?" Obi asked, shortly before spotting his first piece of luggage. He looked over at Ugonna, who was still working on his latest Instagram story post/thirst trap, shirt slightly open. At a baggage claim. Obi questioned, what girl would be turned on by that? His mind immediately had an answer for recanting all of the conquest stories he had heard over the years. Right. Those girls, Obi thought as he headed to pick up his other cases of luggage.

As Obi headed back to where Ugonna, he noticed he hadn't moved from his spot.

"Ugonna? Bro!" Obi asked again, now more annoyed. Ugonna was now choosing the perfect Afrobeat song to match the mood of his photo. This was getting ridiculous. Obi hated when this fool did this. He was always on his phone, squinting his eyes and pursing his lips, just to see which one of his followers would give him a heart-eye emoji. Then he would slide headfirst into the DMs of the poor misguided girl. She had no idea what she was getting into. Watching his best friend conduct 21st-century social media mating calls all vacation wasn't exactly why Obi asked Ugonna to come to Cancun. He had more important business to tend to.

Suddenly, a smirk broke across his face. He knew exactly what to do. "Bro! See that girl's booty over there?"

All of a sudden this fool regained his sense of hearing. "Oooh bro, where at?" Ugonna asked, nearly dropping his phone.

"Bro, get off your damn phone. Your bags have probably passed you, like, three times already." Obi retorted. "We're Cancun. Cancun ain't on them damn Instagram filters. What do you wanna do first when we get to the hotel, bro?"

"You always messing with me like that, man," He said playfully, punching Obi back on the arm. Obi wasn't in the mood to start a scene in the middle of an airport so he let it slide.

"Hmmm..let me think, bro," Ugonna said as he started scrolling and typing on his phone, again forgetting that his bags still had to be picked up at some point.

"OOOOOO..This gon' be live, man! Check this out," Ugonna said as he passed Obi his phone.

Obi took the phone and possibilities flooded his mind. Solfest was coming back to town. Solfest was a huge jazz and R&B Festival that occurred periodically throughout the year in Cancun. It would be a perfect place to go and experience Cancun and do exactly what he came to do.

"Ahh, I see you. Bet. Let's go," Obi agreed. It looked like Cancun was going to turn out to be a very fun trip.

"Fool, I'll see you outside. You still have to get your bags." Obi said as he started walking outside to the Uber pickup station.

"Damn, you're right," Ugonna said, watching his friend walk away to the airport exit into Cancun's welcoming sun and atmosphere. "Alright, I'm coming, bro...ooo damn, that girl Ezinne said what's up?'

Chinwe flashed across Obi's mind suddenly as he started walking towards the exit of the airport. He pulled out his phone for one more reason. Obi wondered if he could see her there at Solfest. She had to be somewhere around here….


Will Obi see Chinwe in Cancun? Why is he in Cancun in the first place? What caused the rift between them? And most importantly, did you catch the 90s song reference? Please say you did. I was laughing pretty hard when I wrote that.

Stay tuned... OH and comment your feedback on my Instagram. I can't see it on here. Feel free to share, like, and stay tuned. Daalu nu

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