About Ikechi

Ikechi Ukazu is a personal finance educator and wellness enthusiast born and raised as a first-generation Nigerian American in Houston, Texas. He is also a Marine Corps Veteran who served from 2006 to 2010, having completed a tour in Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.


After losing the ability to play music during his tour in Afghanistan due to complications with carpal tunnel syndrome, Ikechi had to discover a new purpose for serving others. During his time at the University of Houston in 2016, he uncovered a burning passion for financial education and helping to eradicate economic disparities in his community due to a lack of financial literacy. Since his graduation from the University of Houston, Ikechi has served in the community, working in the financial services industry to improve the lives of his clients and their financial well-being.

Now, Ikechi continues his service to his community in many capacities, including wellness articles through itsikechi.com as well as speaking to organizations about Christian philosophy, wellness, and financial literacy.